The future of food is synthetic.
Alec Lee

Besides the fact that “modern food” will always be a pale imitation of “natural food”, I think the main argument against the development of food 2.0 is that it’s not sustainable.

The question which needs to be asked is how much industrial energy do we need to produce modern food?

Fuels and mineral stocks, wich enable us to produce electricity, even renewable energies, are getting very scarce (most of the mines will be gone in 10 to 80 years). I just don’t see how we are going to produce machines, labs, factories to produce food, if we use ressources which are not renewable.

“Natural food”, if cultivated organicly, only uses renewable energies. That is why I think it is the only sustainable and permanent way of producing food.

“Food 2.0” is never going to work, because it needs to much industrial and non renewable energies to function.

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