I Watched A Man Drown Himself Yesterday.

I watched a man drown himself yesterday. He died a slow and painful death over the past 12 days.

Of course, I did all I could to help him, but he allowed his past to control not only his present, but also his future. There was only so much I, or anyone could have done for the guy.

It was apparent his mindset and therefore his actions were off. And in the end, there wasn’t anyone that could have saved him. Not even himself.

In a business that was only 12 days young, he threw in the towel, called it quits, and left our business world by drowning himself with the same repeating story he has been telling himself for years.

To give up on any business that early peels back the curtain and exposes his major flaw. A flaw that will sadly govern his whole life until one day he realizes the constant failures are due to his own lack of thinking and skill development.

There was one skill he lacked that would have allowed him to stay the path.

And that skill is called, perseverance.

Thomas Edison’s Light Bulbs - 10,000 failed attempts to 1 success.

Perseverance is defined as: “Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

He gave up on his business too soon; he gave up on himself too early. He lacked the vision of not only the business, but for his own life. He thought life owed him a favor, he assumed overnight success.

Now thankfully, this man has not left us in the physical world. He is still alive and well in some ways. But where he ended it all was not just in his short-lived business, but in his short-lived push for instant gratification. At the very moment the going got tough, he was already off the pier, into the water, and sinking himself into the abyss.

To expect success in any business in just 12 days is like expecting a 25 pound pumpkin to emerge from the patch within 5 days of planting the seed. If farmers, in general, lived their lives without perseverance, the entire world would would quickly starve to death.

There are laws and processes in life. Some of which we have some control over; most we do not. Sure, one could add Miracle Grow to a pumpkin and speed up a process, just as one could speed things up in business by outsourcing, software, and knowledge. But you still have to be aware of and respect the process whether you are going at it slow and steady or fast-tracking.

There are no shortcuts; but there are faster ways one can get to point A to point B in business and life.

However, just because a path is shorter does not mean it is easier. As most often in life, the shortcuts used to speed up the desired outcomes are usually filled with more challenges and setbacks. Yes, it can be done, but there is often a price to pay, whether it’s your health, financial, or relationships. And most often than not, it’s all three.

To persevere in business, you must know and accept the true definition, which is: “To continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.”

Note that the definition of perseverance states “difficulty or delay in success”, and the definition of persevere states that there is “little to no prospect of success”.

Difficulty. Delay. Little to no prospect of success.

Such is life.

Statistically, any new business has little to no prospect of success, with the far majority failing even before the idea leaves ones mind. To think or believe otherwise is foolish and only sets you up for failure.

However, one can significantly place the odds in their favor of reaching the success they desire by obtaining the right mindset.

To know, understand, and accept that success will not happen as fast as you’d like.

To truly believe in yourself, knowing that no matter how tough it gets, you will persevere.

To be willing to make the sacrifices few are willing to make to later live a life few will ever live.

To swallow that watermelon-sized mud covered pill called, “delayed gratification”, even if it means lowering your current standards of living in exchange for the potential to seriously upgrade your life in the future.

To accept that your bubble-life may burst and to see who your true friends are.

To come face-to-face with both the fear of failure and the fear of success.

To be open and willing to make decisions that not just effect you, but those you care about most in life.

To be willing to put it all out there. Even if it means failing and falling on your face for the whole world to see.

To own the struggle of determining which version of self will govern your life and business.

To understand opportunities are abundant, but massive action is the rare animal that must constantly be fed your time, energy, and resources, or else it is you that will get eaten.

To have faith. Belief. And an understanding that you are truly never alone, no matter how hard it gets.

And to be willing to do it all over again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again at all costs if you fail. Some may get it right on their first or second attempt. Some people win the lottery, too.

The lottery-mentality serves none. Perseverance serves all.

It takes being willing to dedicate your life towards the achievement of your goals.

Whether that dedication is 15 minutes a day or 18 hours a day. The key is consistent daily action.

The key is perseverance in business and in life.

Now go create something amazing.

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This article was originally published on my lifestyle business blog.