5 Most Valuable Job Skills in the Information Technology Industry

Businesses heavily rely on technology in today’s competitive times and it is therefore understandable that the Information Technology (IT) industry is continuing to post growth. In fact, the IT industry happens to be one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, as per a Forbes article. The worldwide spending on security technology alone is expected to register an 8.2% increase from the 2016 figures and reach $81.7 billion by 2017 and $105 billion by 2020.

“On a global basis, the banking, discrete manufacturing, and federal/central government industries will spend the most on security hardware, software, and services throughout the 2015–2020 forecast. Combined, these three industries will deliver more than 30% of the worldwide total in 2017,” according to an IDC press release, published in March 2017.

In my opinion, this industry will add jobs at a rate that will fast outperform the national average. Based on my experience of over a decade in the industry, I can tell you that the following important skill sets are and will continue to be in great demand in the US IT industry.

Most In-Demand IT Job Skills

1.Data Center Manager

One of the most important functions of a Data Center Manager is to ensure that the data center maintains maximum uptime. The manager is someone who is supposed to not just be highly skilled in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), but also be proactive in anticipating technical changes that could hamper the operations of a data center. Process management and documentation therefore are two of his key responsibility areas, and can help an organization attain cost reduction and improve operational efficiency.

“Without knowing which metrics to track and how to leverage your data, the visualizations and dashboards in your DCIM or data center monitoring software are nothing more than pretty pictures,” says an expert at Sunbird DCIM.

2.Data Scientist

One of the newest IT job positions, and perhaps also one of the most important for any company today, is that of a Data Scientist. The advent of big data and advancement in machine learning has now made it possible for a company to scan through an avalanche of organized and unorganized data, and make real-time informed business decisions to improve organizational efficiency. A data scientist is therefore an enabler of tomorrow’s innovative outcomes that are much needed for a company to gain a competitive edge in the industry it operates in.

3. DevOps Engineer

Traditionally, the IT industry has always had separate ‘development’ and ‘operations’ units. DevOps is the amalgamation of the two and more of a mindset change, an important leap forward that helps companies break barriers that have typically existed between these two important IT functions. The fact that ‘time to market’ is very important in this world of cut-throat competition makes the role of a DevOps Engineer very important in an IT department.

4. UI/UX Expert

A person in this role should be equipped to create web and mobile properties that are designed to increase customer interactions with the brand and give the consumer a seamless browsing experience in the process.

5. Database Administrator

The strategic importance of a database administrator cannot be denied. Anyone in this position will have to understand that a company’s information repository or its data is one of its most important assets. A skilled data administrator will help the company create, operate, maintain, migrate and secure this vital data.

CTOs and IT Managers across different industries are constantly looking to hire such skilled IT workers. Therefore, individuals with the above skills will continue to be in great demand and get high paying jobs in 2017 and beyond.