Danielle in the Remix

-Blank on Blank and other thoughts-

STOP! Before you read any further, take a moment to watch Danielle’s Powtoons video from her Week 4 Remix reflection post: 30 second story: my favorite things.

Okay. Proceed.

Reading through Danielle Morris’s blog posts, a few thoughts come to mind:

1) She is really funny and seems very self-aware. She’ll honestly state what she likes and doesn’t like while injecting humor into her responses:

I am not a fan of writing this reflection as a narrative, as it gets repetitive and a bit boring to write (and probably to read, as well). [Not true] So if no one objects (*crickets*), I will now create something a little more me, a little more stream of consciousness, using new formats, infusing more of things I love and that inspire me as they relate to the week and INTE 5340. Who’s in?”

2) I think she’s a risk taker. Her posts are full of enthusiasm, creativity, a variety of media early in the game and a willingness to push through trepidation to try new types of projects:

“I challenged myself by trying new media. For example, I used iMovie to make a very subpar movie for my assignment. :) But I am still really proud of it, as I fiddled with a program I have never used and made something unique and my own.”

3) She is truly interested in learning from her peers and her class experiences. Her blog posts are infused with calls for collaboration, questions about tools to use and musings about how projects can be accomplished.

On Remixing Danielle’s Work

When it came time to choose a project of hers to remix, I had a really difficult time. Her videos look great, and she produced an awesome remix of Hacking The News and sounded like a NPR radio correspondent.

Now I’m super jazzed to try using Anchor! Look how pretty!

I decided to focus on a critique that she really seemed to enjoy: Blank on Blank.

From blankonblank.org

“I was really inspired by the Blank on Blank digital storytelling project that I explored for my critique/case study. Those people are creating something really beautiful. I love the fact that they are helping preserve such rich oral histories in a new and special way.”

My Infographic Remix

To remix her critique of Blank on Blank, I used direct quotes from her Critique Week 3 — Blank on Blank review, pairing them with appropriate font (closest match), photos, screenshots from the website and some statistics from her writing.

The infographic also provides suggestions for classroom use based on how Danielle described applying it to her classroom. The result (see graphic below) is an infographic that tells viewers about the actual tool while showcasing her words to highlight her own thoughts.

Visit the web version of this remix infographic.

I completely enjoyed this assignment! It was a great way to really deep dive into a classmate’s work, to learn about how she is approaching this class and gain perspective on how she feels about her place in the digital storytelling world. Looking forward to seeing her future projects!

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