Digital Storytelling | Week 5 | Finding Voice

History is Told by the Winners *

The subheading is a quote from our classmate, Paloma from her comment on Chimamanda Adichie’s talk, as we talked about the responsibility and power that comes with storytelling: “…people often don’t even realize or recognize that stories have real consequences when they are limited or have a narrow point view. It also made me think of two things: first, a history prof in college told us to always keep in mind that history is told by the winners, and also Orwell and “Who controls the past controls future, who controls the present controls the past.” The kind of deliberate manipulation of story that you mention is most definitely harmful. I guess we just need to always be mindful of both the stories we consume and the ones we share.”

My thoughts on our discussion:

Week 5 Assignment Recap

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Assignments this week revolved around the theme of Library memories. All assignments are fully outlined on my week 5 assignment blog post.

Assignment 1 involved dialog and audio. I created an audio podcast with Geoff Stoll. We talked about our earliest library memories, current perspectives and how libraries have impacted our lives.

Assignment 2 was a Typeform I created to use as a storytelling tool to allow people to tell their library life stories. I thought this was a nice complement to the podcast. My childhood library is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary. How cool would it be if they gathered spoken word narratives and web-based narratives from their pool of users?

Social Component: Let’s Hear It For My Amazing Classmates (and Brad)!

Case Study: Field Ride to Mars

Field Trip to Mars blog post

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