Digital Storytelling | Week 6

New Literacies

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AS we explored new literacies this week, we were asked to reflect on some examples. I would say certainly programming languages and coding in general are standout examples. I participate in the community, and have started a course on Udemy. I plan to making these a priority once I graduate in a few weeks. I see new literacies as working in partnership with traditional literacies, supplemental to my formal education. It’s something I both need and want to learn, and with so many resources, it almost feels wasteful not to try.

Instructional design, as with many fields has different levels of professional involvement and proficiency levels. Looking at job postings, they range from LMS management to instructional technology. In many cases, knowing how software and web-based tools work on the back end or being able to develop is desirable if not required.

Entrepreneurial learners know the value of continued learning; it’s often self guided and in most cases free, inexpensive, flexible and a la carte. The internet opens up new avenues to learners who either didn’t find success in traditional classrooms or want to continue/supplement traditional learning with new skills.

When I was teaching, I tried not to see subjects as separate from one another. Literacy, history, arithmetic, creative writing, science: they’re connected and can be taught as compliments to one another.

Learners, bombarded by easy information, still need to learn how to disseminate fact from fiction, choose their sources discerningly, frame their arguments and apply new skills to real world. Places of learning (schools, libraries, community centers) needn’t feel threatened by the changing landscape of learning and information. They are the conduits for the new frontier.


This week was packed! First up, I elected to have a dialog screencast to explain DS106. I chose my friend as my learner, because she is a self-described non-storyteller. Not sure I’ll ever get her on Twitter, but she enjoyed the intro, nonetheless.

Group podcast with classmates Andrew & Justin. Hosted by Brad.

I enjoyed the conversation and their perspectives

My Case Study review of Frankenstein AI. Too harsh?

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Six weeks down. Two to go!