Week 4 Assignment Bank

Pictogram & X-Ray Goggles

Have a guess at my themed Pictogram!

Tools used: PowerPoint (exported as WMV file), Noun Project icons, sound effects from movieclips.net. Edited with Wondershare Filmora software.

Continuing on: I’ve been revisiting old episodes lately, so I thought I’d do a short series of remixes on my favorite show. It seemed fitting that I ran across this article this afternoon:

[Oh, come on, Chris Carter! This show’s been your baby and meal ticket (ahem, Millenium) for 2 decades +. Don’t make me X-Ray Goggles the headline. Really? Really?!]

See if you can spot the changes I made between the original Daily Dot page and one edited in X-Ray Goggles:

gif credit

X-Ray Goggles: Let me say that I really enjoy playing around with Mozilla’s Webmaker, which includes Thimble and X-Ray Goggles. Webmaker offers a variety of ways to learn to code (or learn about code) while creating mini-projects. Unlike other browser-based code editors, the learner gets take home deliverables that can be published and shared. It’s a very “learn by doing” approach.

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HAPPY REMIXING and have a listen to Kumail Nanjiani’s X-Files podcast while you work!