By Sam DuRegger

Such a fun project. When deciding to make the tables and standup counter for Woodshed’s new retail space, I was excited to blend two of the Woodshed values into an actual product. With our focus on design and sustainability, I began to think about what type of table would hit both of those targets. I had the idea of how I wanted to build the tables and began digging around the internet for some sustainable materials that would add some softness to our shop aesthetic which was shaping out to be rather stark and sterile (on purpose). I kept finding…

Up until yesterday… Woodshed has had free labor. Three owners working to get a brand bootstrapped and into the world. We’ve spent the better part of three years building a business focused on delivering a curated selection of quality tea to our customers both online and via our wholesale partners. We’ve intentionally been a slow growing business, one because it is bootstrapped and two because it has been a side hustle for the original three owners with full time jobs and families to juggle around a growing business.

With the investment into our new retail space (coming soon!!), it was…

A close up look at tea bushes from the plantation we source our Oolong Tea in Taiwan.

When you think of something aged, the first thing that comes to my mind is a nice barrel aged whiskey, or maybe an expensive bottle of wine… of which I’ve never had the wallet paunch to actually order. As you are well aware, in the world of alcoholic beverages, quality and high price are often associated with the “aged” moniker.

This prestige does not transfer well to the world of light to medium roast coffee — fresh is best. Both in sourced green beans, and the roasted on date. Time matters and too much of it is thought to be…

Just OK, offers a wide range of Oklahoma-made and themed goods.

In 2003, there was a small shop set back in a indistinct strip mall on May Avenue. If you were in the know, you knew this shop sold the best denim and leather goods in Oklahoma City. Thirteen years later that little indie denim shop has grown into it’s own! Moving to it’s current location on May and Grand in 2008; expanding into a full retail experience that commands respect as the pre-eminent space for the creative class to adorn their bodies with raw denim, clever tees, classy cardigans, and rugged boots.

Blue Seven is unique, as they toe the…

words and photos by Sam DuRegger

Woodshed Tea offerings placed by some of Oklahoma’s finer coffee roasters — EÔTÉ and Mariposa!

The Oklahoma City Farmers Market district has been growing in stature over the last 6 years. Many know the area because of the iconic Farmers Market building, where special events and weekend market’s have been hosted since 1928. Urban Agrarian’s move to the area in 2011, and their refurbishment of an old produce warehouse, has been a big piece of the ongoing revitalization of the district, bringing with it an authentic cultural vibe.

In looking for a place to process and package our tea, we found Earth Element’s Entrepreneurial Kitchen (E3K), which is located…

words and photos by Sam DuRegger

Matcha Latte at Clarity Coffee, OKC

When you stroll into Clarity Coffee on Main and Hudson, in Downtown Oklahoma City, you will be greeted with a smile and an genuine eagerness to prepare a beautiful cup of coffee.

This passionate dedication to the craft of coffee is one of the nuances allowing Clarity to standout among OKC’s burgeoning coffee scene. A large portion of their success can be attributed to Steve and Chelsea Willinghams’ dedication to curating an experience both in environment and beverage.

In true multi-roaster style, Clarity runs the gamut on coffee offerings, never prone to settle on…

by Sam DuRegger

Duo Brewer is great for coffee and tea brewing, and makes 3–4 cups.

It’s time to up every Dad’s brew game.

In celebration of Father’s Day, we are giving away a 2 oz bag of our favorite herbal tea — Ruby Nectar — when you purchase the Stagg Kettle or Duo Brewer. These two products are sure to impress dad, and all of his coffee and tea drinking friends.

Both are great for your tea and coffee brewing, with Duo perfectly equipped to provide a beautiful profile for 3–4 people, no matter the type of beverage. The Stagg Kettle is has a temperature gauge on the top for variable tea brewing and it’s gooseneck spout is perfect for…

words and photos by Sam DuRegger

tiny cabin overlooking the Ozark National Forest

A few weekends ago, I had the chance unplug with some friends in a tiny cabin outside of Cass, Arkansas. No electricity, no running water, and a 5 gallon bucket for a bathroom. Not for the glampers in the crowd. An acquaintance and all around Renaissance man Jeremy “Puff” Hayes, built this beautiful cabin with his own hands… and it’s just fantastic. Set on top of some large boulders, and built with geothermal venting in mind, the cabin is a a shoe-in for the next Cabin Porn book. …

a quick look at expanding your palate through tasting journals.

by Sam DuRegger

33 Leaves of Tea (A Pocket Tea Tasting Journal) surrounded by a quiver of Woodshed Tea.

It’s ok… We’ve all been there before. Staring in befuddlement as the hipster beverage “aficionado” beside you says something like:

“I’m getting floral tones with elements of Stone Fruit and orange zest, and a strong umami on the palate.”

Clearly, your palate is not mature… nor do you know the buzzwords to throw out in a conversation to fake your way into the tea or coffee taster’s guild. Again, it’s ok… We’ve all been there before. …

a quick guide to our favorite brewing techniques and devices

Fellow Stagg Kettle and Duo Brewer, and some homemade quiche by Christa Devette


Everyone has opinions, traditions and rituals associated with their morning beverage habit. Here at Woodshed, we are constantly exploring different ways to brew our tea (and coffee), more than likely it will be a never-ending pursuit for us. But that doesn’t mean it has to be for you. In this quick note from the shop, we wanted to highlight a couple different brewing options for you to pursue at home. Elegant solutions to expand your palate, and evolve your morning ritual.

We believe proper preparation is an important step to…

Woodshed Coffee & Tea

shop notes from the woodshed.

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