Product Case Study: ESPN’s Draft Lobby Redesign
Jack Moore

I came across this article while looking for complaints about the new UI and a way to use the old version. I can’t disagree more on how much of a step backwards this is. The ease-of-use of the old version for auction drafts was a very specific reason we chose ESPN over other sites.

Dreading my NFL auction draft as I don’t think I will find things very easily. The only upside is everyone is in same boat, but I know it is going to lead to mistakes, pauses, re-dos etc in our draft, making something that already took awhile take even longer.

Maybe the update is good for the more simplistic “snake” drafts, but it is not a good move for “auction” drafts which requires you to easily access various fields of info very quickly.

Why can’t we choose the old version if that is our preference?

Just some examples:

  • Bid feed is now a thin, horizontal bar with quite small, light-grey, font. Used to be vertical and had plenty of space to see last handful of bids.
  • Hard to tell players that have been drafted vs available. Old version crossed them out (while still being able to read names), new version makes them barely faded out, so it isn’t 100% clear at a glance that someone is gone.
  • The activity feed on the right hand side seems to unnecessarily mix both typed comments from players and the picks that are happening? Why do you want your feed co-mingled like this?