As if American evangelicals were chopping people’s heads off and throwing gays from the tops of…
David Cearley

Actually, they are. Several people, including the latest SCOTUS nominee, feels gay people should be put in jail. Only a short 40 years ago, that was the law in most of the states in the US. If you were LGBT you could literally be thrown in jail, or worse into a psychiatric facility where they would attempt to “cure” you with electroshock therapy or random brain surgery. All of this was done (and is still being espoused as a “way to return America toward”) by Christians, often citing translated verses from Romans and Leviticus out of context.

So, no, their violence isn’t as direct or as swift. Gay people in the 1950s weren’t just summarily killed for being gay. They were instead arrested, then psychically and mentally tortured until they were “fixed”. Often after that they were sent to jail for their “crime”, where the torture (including rape by guards and inmates alike) continued until they either died or eventually were freed and went into hiding.

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