“HIllary Clinton lost to DONALD FUCKING TRUMP. Do you get that?”
Sasha Stone


And with that, you just countered any point made in your main article and lost a follow.

The DNC chair and committee admitted, in writing and in speech, to favoring a candidate in the primary. Something expressly forbidden in their own bylaws, because it was clear that if there was not impartiality in handling primary candidates it would lead to an imbalance and favoritism. This is exactly what happened, and the reason the DNC is in shambles still.

And to be clear, I voted for Bernie in the primary, and for HRC in the general. But I did so knowing that the DNC has done wrong by its own constituents. The fact that you fail to see that, or want to blame others for your inability or unwillingness to admit that basic fact invalidates you as a valid source of fact or reputable opinion.

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