None of your links showed any large scale attempt to silence Democrats similar to my example of…
Louis Weeks

Exaggerate much? There were a handful of protesters at any given Trump rally, not millions. Trump couldn’t get millions of his OWN SUPPORTERS to attend his rallies. You think there were more Democratic protesters at any given rally then there were supporters? If the Democrats were that organized, THEY WOULD HAVE WON THE DAMN ELECTION. Oh.. Wait.. They kind if did, with millions more in the popular vote…

The laws noted and linked in the articles IMPACTED millions, not just a handful of people as was the case at a rally. That you can’t equate people being jailed and children being tortured through “reparation therapy” and/or committing suicide or being KILLED because someone believes the lies being told, with someone being punched at a rally is frankly staggering.

Because I can’t prove a conspiracy on the side of the Trumps team, to do the exact thing you accuse the other side of (with no proof), it’s not equivalent, and therefore doesn’t count? What a small mind you have.

I linked several articles about Trump supporters attacking Democratic folks. That you didn’t bother to read them is your issue. The one canceled event in the Trump tour was due mainly because the venue booked choose to cancel the event because of things said at a previous event by Trump, not because of violence.

Again, can you reply to my articles about LAWS BEING MADE by Conservatives that restrict free speech and assembly? The “Don’t Say Gay” bills and laws passed? And the anti-LGBT school group laws? No… You conveniently ignore those, focusing on media hype, because all you can do is parrot back things said by someone on the radio.

But then why am I still arguing the facts? You’re just like all the others. You lack the capacity to actually debate a topic. You demand an exact tit-for-tat example of the EXACT thing you want, and even when it’s given you claim it’s not the same. Yet when any proof is asked of you, or you’re asked to give an example yourself, you ignore it.

Arguing with your type is like playing chess with a pigeon. You become startled, shit all over the place, and the strut around like you won. Not worth it.

Hope you get everything you voted for… It won’t be good for you, but maybe you’ll learn from that hardship. Or not. I frankly don’t care at this point. You’ve proven yourself unworthy of even pity, since your ignorance is clearly self-imposed. My only hope is that you continue to live in your mothers basement and don’t reproduce.

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