I wasn’t arguing the hypocrisy, both sides are hypocrites, I was simply asking for your proof…
Aaron G

Give up. Louis is a troll. He can’t back up his claim because he never researches anything on his own. He just parrots what others have said, believing it to be fact because it’s convenient for him. Actually investigating something would require effort and the willingness to believe something he may not want to.

There was ONE incident in 2008, involving TWO people at ONE polling place in a primarily African american polling place in PA. It didn’t involve the “Black Panthers”. It involved a political party called “The New Black Panther Party” which is in no way affiliated with the former group. Further, it was found (in court) that only ONE of the people involved violated the law, and said person acted on his own behalf and in a way not condoned by or conspired with the parent group. The party actually ejected King from their ranks when he was reported on by the other person involved in observing the polling place, at the distance required by law. King did receive a fine and is still on probation for his actions. Lots of sources cited and verifiable: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Black_Panther_Party_voter_intimidation_case

So there was no “vast conspiracy”, it was literally 2 people at 1 polling place, representing a local party of about 40 people total. It’s so repeated, you’d think the entire nation was impacted by the event. PA went for Obama at such a rate, that even if EVERY PERSON enrolled to vote at that one polling place (covering 3 districts) had voted for McCain instead, Obama still would have won the state by a landslide.

Now let’s compare that to this cycle when Trump was calling from the pulpit during rallies and debates for people to observe and obstruct, to challenge the rights of others to vote.

Oh, and there were not “weapons”. There was A singular weapon, a knight stick, or “billy club”, which was part of what landed King in hot water. Despite the media yelling of “Nobody was prosecuted”, I’d ask anyone saying that to ask King what he thinks of that, since he was in fact prosecuted for the event in question.

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