US Dietary Guidelines still give in to lobbyists, not our long-term health.

This is going to be a big WTF moment for me, sorry. It’s in response to the release of the new US Dietary Guidelines for Americans and The Verge article in response.

“There are clear benefits of replacing red meat with almost any other protein sources — but the meat lobby is very powerful in congress,”

I don’t agree on the red meat part. Properly raised, sustainable grass-fed red meat is sexy and has so many benefits. But it doesn’t help the lobbyists and the people that pay them.

Processed meat is f*cked up. Think about it. You’re putting fake food in your body, that has parts of animals that were raised in captivity for the purpose of being slaughtered and wasted.

“The Dietary Guidelines Committee was also quite explicit in their recommendation to limit sugar-sweetened beverages, and that’s not talked about [in the guidelines] at all.”

I stopped sodas and sweetened teas awhile ago. Sugar in a natural form is what our bodies need. They don’t need absorbent amounts of sugar to make something sweat. Weening off is f*cking hard, I know. But do it, get the high fructose corn syrup out of your system and kill the big soda companies. I promise you they don’t have your health at the core of their company.

“The idea that a healthy eating pattern should also be sustainable one was nixed.”

They say this is outside of the scope of nutritional guidelines. If we properly raised grass fed animals, the land would be much more sustainable. The animals would be much more sustainable and the ability to use ALL of the animal (less waste) would skyrocket (thank you EPIC bar, Taylor & Katie for carrying about sustainability).

I have been on such an interesting journey since 2010. I was so ignorant to what I thought healthy food and healthy living was. The amount of what you eat is much less the issue as exactly what you’re putting in your body. The choices we make will continue to be hard if the Lobbyists continue to win on the ways we educate Americans on food guidelines.

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