An Unexpected Trip, A Four-Mile Run, A Forgotten Poker Game, A Thrust-Upon School Evening, Smoked Leg of Lamb, Three Stoned Gentlemen of Leisure

Woke up and Lady had already made breakfast for the kids and packed the school lunches. She came into the bedroom and laid directly on top of me and asked if we could both play hooky today and go to Quarryville.

“For BB’s?”

“Yeah, and I don’t know. Just for a day out…”

“Hell, yeah. Let’s do it.”

Lady took the kids down to the bus stop while I ate breakfast, did my toilet, and got dressed. Ernesto was heading down as I walked up to the gravel and asked if I wanted a ride down, but I preferred to walk. Half-way down she was driving back up to pee and so I got in, and after she parked and as she peed I got in the driver side and put the seat back so I could drive.

She was feeling sensitive about life and work and politics and more or less doomsday about it all which happens in the winter but then goes away. So when she asked me if one day I would build a gate for the driveway I should have kept my mouth shut. Scoffing, I asked her the mostly rhetorical, vaguely hostile, mock-wholey incredulous, “You’re one of those people?”.

— There’s no explaining yourself when you’ve just alienated your favorite person, and maximally minimized your favorite person’s emotions with one solitary bit of wayward kneejerk jerk-rote.

Before we set out we put in a soundtrack I’d gotten from the library. Although I hadn’t seen the movie my gut said it mayn’t be terrible, and in fact it went well with the silent crying of a 36 year-old woman out on a hot date with just the swellest driveway gate-hater.

It was an hour-and-a-half long drive through mostly Amish countryside, and by the time we crossed the Susquehanna we had quietly made up and were holding hands.

We wouldn’t pass any horse-drawn buggies until on our way back.