Yesterday, I hung a sign I made for a local dentist’s office, but more importantly I went to bed.

I drank a 1 liter bottle of Vintage club soda, plain, with a little lemongrass tea poured in, watched 4 episodes of Black Jesus (better than I expected) while Lady put the kids to bed, made myself a small cup of chamomile tea while I brushed my teeth, then I did the most important thing a person can do in any given day.

Before nodding off I briefly nosed up to my book-on-phone — Chuck Klosterman’s “what if we’re wrong” (stick with it or flip through it. It’s good) — and noted the prescience of his discussion on the ephemeral nature, of all things, but including democracy… THEN,

Oh, sweet then, I did put my glasses on the nightstand (ladder), push my phone gently into the aft waves of pillow, and begin, with absolutely no regard for the consequences, to breath deeply — and for all I know it was just one nightlong inhalation.