The Planned Life

Q: How does one remember (at will) every facet of lived experience?

A: Plan every detail (i.e. activity, mood &c. — don’t forget to include sustainable rhythm of plan consultation!****) in writing, then execute without variation*.

*Should variation occur, rewrite the plan to reflect the variation**.

**Should variation occur and the need therefore arise to rewrite the plan to reflect the variation, rewrite the plan to reflect the act of rewriting the variation***.

***Although plan variation should be avoided at all costs, it can lead to a

****“At will” should not be misconstrued to represent the meaning “at any given moment in time.” One can have only one “will,” and that is at the initial tipping point, when a plan goes from just being a plan to being a plan in execution. Should you grow to resent this first will, yet continue to execute the plan, tough cookies.

*****Should an old plan be aborted and a new plan agreement struck, all previous data shall go undocumented, as it is no longer in The Plan, and therefore remain unreferenced.