If the creator, owner or user have no sense of identity, there is no Quality
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’s Quality: A Vindication of Reason and a Return to…

…Unless the dissolution of identity forges one’s experience into the main stream of dynamic reality. I.e., disassociated existence.

(That is to say, there can be no (more) vain attempts at defining Quality, without identity.)

Take two:

If the creator, owner, or user has no sense of identity, ceases to reflect on itself — the identity — ceases to narrate the fictional self (that ever-edited, ceaselessly-modified-in-minute-ways-yet-thematically-altered-over-time internal wiki), then no fictional relationship narrative can be created between the fictional self and perceived fictional self’s perception of Quality*, from its (self’s) extremely limited vantage point — on the time/experience train, just percieved-seconds (perceptual light years) away from the tip of the pilot.

*which is all to say that what seems to be most susceptible to banishment is not Quality, but ownership, a far easier (and duller) assertion to make; the Self hating, as it does when we talk about it like it’s not there, to cede a mote of importance over to the vagaries of a rational that would never have been possible to achieve without it.

…The birth of self, heralding instantaneous tributes to both force and rhythm (synchronicity?) — could they, the three founding sisters of Tech, the dawn of abstraction, be…

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