This is the end

This is the end of an era. Officially, unofficially over.

After spending much of my life giving, like a tree would its apples, leaves, branches, trunk, and stump to its loved ones, I’m done with that shit! After spending the past 9 months living by my new credo of “acting in only such a way, that every single step I take, whether a baby step or a Godzilla leap, is leading me towards being THE best Woody that I can possibly be.” I have never been happier, more fulfilled with my actions, and felt more centered with my “true” self in my entire life.

But then again, I am 26, so I haven’t really lived all that much, relatively speaking. There is potential for me to experience nearly four or EVEN five times as much as I already have. FUCK! I am naive, childish at times, and more likely than not, completely full of shit. I am unsure about most of my actions, vacillate even the most trivial decisions, and have the inept ability to bullshit my way into OR out of any situation that may benefit my current needs, wants, desires, or aspirations.

But then again, I have traveled each of the 7–8 continents, ( I count the Middle East as its own continent, because no one wants to take blame for that shit hole, fuck stick of countries. Are you in Asia? Are you in Europe? Are you in Africa? Well, shit! You have to be somewhere. Everything is somewhere. Right?) surpassed my age in countries visited and with ZERO sign of slowing down, lived in Spain, worked in Australia, hiked by myself through the jungles of Malaysia, did a back flip into a fluffy pile of snow in Antarctica, navigated the entire country of Peru accompanied by a virtual laymen, I mean, c’mon people, all that must count for something.

Maybe not?

Don’t give a shit either. I’ve learned about myself, about others, about CULTURE, ( yes America, there is culture out there outside of the North Carolina’s, Texas’s, and NYC’s of the USA), about tradition, music, art, humor, etiquette, conversation, REAL problems, (not saying you’re cracked iPhone 6 screen isn’t a REAL problem, but its not a real problem, moron), ect.

No time is better than the present for… well almost everything, minus perhaps some investments, asking a girl out, eating when you’re not hungry, and a fuck-ton-more-shit-too.

Anywho, no time is better than the present for ME to begin documenting thoughts I’ve had, ideas, stories, conversations, poems, experiences, and such that have wondered around my head, during the last 26 years whizzing around the sun at 30 kilometers a second, ( and yes I use KM, the ENTIRE world uses KM. WTF AMERICA?!) and not crushing into any large pieces of space matter during the process.

Damn, I am one lucky mother fucker!

In the words of The Great Slick Rick, heeeeeeerreee weee goooooooo!

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