This one time… With Woody Wood and The Funky Bunch

When you travel to new places you are forced to use different parts of your brain and your personality in everyday survival, that you may have never activated in the past. Communicating without words. Map reading. The very fine art of balancing specific and meticulous planning, with at the ultimate stream floating ability aka “going with the flow”. I tend to give a jump start to the creative side of my brain during travel. I bust out my best ideas, funniest rhymes, dearest and deepest poems, truest lessons, intricate stories, and I connect with certain music on a different and superior level. I am beginning to build a collection of it all. I’ll use dates whenever possible, and always give as much information as I feel comfortable giving.

I have pages and pages and emails and emails and different events stored in different parts of my brain, some of which have lay dormant for many years. Untapped. Unable to grow and blossom from the original events into the stories, myths, and legends that they truly deserve to become.

Over the next 32986304876 days I will try and uncover and share as much of that as possible.

Whenever you see the title “This one time… With Woody Wood and The Funky Bunch” you’ll know you are about to join me for an adventure somewhere around the world.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Much like my ejaculation habits, much of what I write and publish is premature, (pause for sympathetic laughter), probably unedited, and not-proofread. Perhaps, the more I write and the more you read, the more I’ll give more than zero fucks.

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