A Walk Through Her World

In the lobby for the run of She the People, we invited audience members to explore the work of local visual artists Robin Ha, Paulina Ganucheau, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, and Manal Deeb. Each of them brought a unique perspective on what it means to be a woman in this world.

Robin Ha grew up in Seoul, South Korea before moving to the United States at the age of fourteen. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, her New York Times-bestselling cookbook/graphic novel Cook Korean! was published in 2016, and she is currently working on a graphic novel/memoir, Almost American Girl, to be published in 2020. Robin contributed three collages for the exhibit, titled Slut Kittens, Mother Fucker, and Steely Eyes. A former fashion illustrator, she explored the discrepancies between personal, public, and commercial femininity through these collages, which she then used as a jumping-off point to craft stream-of-consciousness poems. More of Robin Ha’s work can be found at RobinHa81.WixSite.com/RobinHa, on Instagram and Twitter at @RobinHaArt, on Facebook at Facebook.com/RobinHaArt, and at BanchanComic.Tumblr.com

Pauina Ganucheau is a Maryland-based comic artist and illustrator. She is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and is the co-creator of the comic series Zodiac Starforce. She contributed three illustrations, titled Mother, The Light, and Pride, to this exhibit, writing:

“Sometimes I imagine a rainbow in my heart. It swirls and spins and fills my whole being. The day I sat down to draw with those colors shining behind my eyes, these pieces came to be. One was for my mother. One was for the world. And one was for me.”

More of Paulina Ganucheau’s work can be found at PaulinaGanucheau.com, on Instagram at @PaulinaGanucheau, on Twitter at @PlinaGanucheau, and at PaulinaGanucheau.Tumblr.com.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer is best known for her paintings and public murals that uplift and empower. She is the creator of DC’s LOVE mural in Blagden Alley, and has exhibited work both nationally and internationally, in places such as Los Angeles, Detroit, and Vienna. Recently named “Best Artist” by the Washington Blade, Lisa Marie contributed five pieces from her series Lizards with Stars and Stripes, which are collages created as a response to controversial reactions to her mural Boxer Girl at 73 W Street NW. Incorporating magazine clippings, colored pencil, and handmade Korean paper, the pieces portray the same confidence and empowerment seen in her mural. More of Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s work can be found at LisaMarieStudio.com or on Instagram at @LisaMarieStudio.

Manal Deeb is a Palestinian-American artist born in Ramallah, Palestine, and currently living in Fairfax, Virginia. Her paintings have been displayed around the world, in places such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Cairo, London, Delhi, Jerusalem, and Doha. Her mixed media acrylic paintings in this exhibit, Golden and Essence, draw upon the emotional and psychological connections between memory and identity in order to foster within viewers a level of respect and acceptance for her own identity and being. More of Manal Deeb’s work can be found at YGalleri.com, on Instagram at @YGalleri, on Twitter at @NedaliDeeb, and on Facebook at Facebook.com/ArtistManalDeeb.

// Lexi Dever, Graphic Designer & Web Manager and Co-Curator of A Walk Through Her World

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