I was 14 when i ran away from home. I came out to my family and took off for New York City. It was 1969.

I saw what historians now call the gay riots in the Village. What i saw were not riots, bro. It was an uprising.

I returned to sleepy Denver , still 14, but now an adult. I saw my taunters and haters in a new way. And i was never bullied again.

GLBT 's have a community. We have proven to b a political and economic prize during an election. Our response to the HIV/AIDS epdedemic was unprecedented. It resulted in significant changes in making experimental treatments available.

Our community is now aging. I m now 62. I have concerns for those coming up behind me. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered is not all about sex. We are all people with real people problems. Think on how we can help each other and better our community. We did with AIDS.


Budda Buddy