Ten of the best “TV Dads”

According to familyshare.com, there’s 9 qualities that make a good father: provider, protector, teacher, friend, exemplar, patriarch, disciplinarian, spiritual leader, and treats his wife like a queen.

Now, I know the second I publish this, readers are going to think of about 25 more “TV Dads” that should have made this list. But, this is a list of TEN. Ten of MY favorite TV Dads, that I think are pretty good ones.

Willie Tanner, “ALF”
  • Name: William Francis Tanner
  • Occupation: Social Worker
  • Nickname: Willie
  • Hobbies / Interests: shortwave amateur radio
  • Spouse: Kate
  • Number of Children: 3 (plus one Alien Life Form, ALF)
  • Show: ALF

Willie Tanner was a good man. He lived a peaceful life, in his quaint suburban home. All that changed when an UFO crashed in to his garage. Not only was Willie a good father to his own kids. But he also took in a hairy, cat eating, party animal, Alien, named Gordon Shumway, as his own. And poor ole Willie provided for them all. Kudos to you, Willie. Willie was a Provider and he worked to see that his family had the necessities of life

Jason Seaver, “Growing Pains”
  • Name: Dr. Jason Ronald Seaver
  • Occupation: Psychiatrist
  • Nickname: Jason
  • Hobbies / Interests: Reading
  • Spouse: Maggie
  • Number of children: 4
  • Show: Growing Pains

Jason Seaver was a work-at-home dad, where he had an office as a psychiatrist. He also took care of his kids, while his wife went back to work. Since he worked from home and spent a lot of time with his kids, he was a good Friend to them. He showed kindness, compassion and interest in the family members.

Charles Ingalls, “Little House On The Prairie”
  • Name: Charles Phillip Ingalls
  • Occupation: Sawmill laborer and farmer
  • Nickname: Pa
  • Hobbies: smoking a pipe and playing the fiddle
  • Spouse: Caroline
  • Number of children: 8 (5 biological, 3 adopted)
  • Show: Little House on the Prairie

Charles Ingalls was a hard worker and he made a lot of sacrifices. In the end, he supported about 8 kids and his wife. No matter how hard Charles worked, he made sure to read the bible to his family often and take them to church on Sundays. He prayed before meals and was no doubt the Spiritual Leader his family needed. He did his part to establish faith in God and belief in principles to accountability to him.

Mike Brady, “The Brady Bunch”
  • Name: Michael Paul Brady
  • Occupation: architect
  • Nickname: Mike
  • Hobbies / Interests: fishing and camping
  • Spouse: Widowed / Carol
  • Number of children: 6 (3 biological, 3 step)
  • Show: The Brady Bunch

Mike Brady had 3 sons of his own, then married a lady with 3 daughters of her own. Props to you, Mike. Though, Carol was his second wife, he still treated her like a queen. He loved her daughters as his own, and showed love and respect and lives totally faithful to his wife. He shared the workload as a partner with his wife.

Dan Conner, “Roseanne”
  • Name: Daniel Conner
  • Occupation: building contractor
  • Nickname: Dan
  • Hobbies / Interests: motorcycles
  • Spouse: Roseanne
  • Number of Children: 4
  • Show: Roseanne

Dan was a down to earth, blue collar guy, that had good sense of humor and a heart of gold. He not only raised 4 kids, but was married to Roseanne. ‘Nuff said. But he was also a Disciplinarian. He helps the children learn proper boundaries and consequences.

Danny Tanner, “Full House”
  • Name: Daniel Earnest Tanner
  • Occupation: TV host of “Wake Up, San Francisco”
  • Nickname: Danny
  • Hobbies / Interests: Cleaning and Organizing
  • Spouse: Widowed
  • Number of Children: 3
  • Show: Full House

Danny Tanner’s wife died, leaving him to raise 3 girls. Then he had a slew of other free-loaders move in with him. Hat’s off to you, Danny. Danny was a good Teacher to not only his girls but his extended family. He shared his knowledge and principles to help family members grow and develop.

Tim Taylor, “Home Improvement”
  • Name: Timothy Taylor
  • Occupation: TV host of “Tool Time”
  • Nickname: Tim
  • Hobbies / Interests: Working on his Hot Rod and trying to fix or build things
  • Spouse: Jill
  • Number of children: 3
  • Show: Home Improvement

Tim “the tool man” Taylor was a clumsy, fun loving dad, that taught his boys how to be men. He did his best to lead by example. He showed by the way he lives an example of what the family stands for.

Uncle Phil, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”
  • Name: Phillip Banks
  • Occupation: Lawyer / Judge
  • Nickname: Zeke, Big Guy, Uncle Phil
  • Hobbies / Interests: Civil Rights, Politics
  • Spouse: Vivian
  • Number of Children: 4 (plus 1 nephew)
  • Show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Phillip Banks was heavily involved in his community. He shuffled work and politics, but still made time for his family. He not only had his own children, but raised his nephew. Phil had a bit of a short fuse but he was a Protector. He did everything in his power to keep the family safe from that which would injure or harm the family members physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Cliff Huxtable, “The Cosby Show”
  • Name: Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable
  • Occupation: Doctor / Physician
  • Nickname: Cliff
  • Hobbies / Interests: eating, playing pinochle and listening to jazz music
  • Spouse: Clair
  • Number of Children: 5
  • Show: The Cosby Show

Cliff Huxtable was a funny, playful dad. He also raised a bunch of kids. He was the Patriarch of his family and was honored because of his moral character and actions.

(Note: This is about the character, Cliff Huxtable. Not the actor, Bill Cosby)

Andy Taylor, “The Andy Griffith Show”
  • Name: Andrew Taylor
  • Occupation: Sheriff
  • Nickname: Andy
  • Hobbies / Interests: Fishing and playing guitar
  • Spouse: Widowed
  • Number: of children: 1
  • Show: The Andy Griffith Show

This list was in no order of importance. But if I had to rank these dads, Andy Taylor would be my #1. Andy’s wife passed away and leaving him to raise a young son. Andy was a Sheriff of Mayberry, a good story teller, and an amazing father. He has every trait of being a good father. He was a provider, protector, spiritual leader, exemplar, teacher, disciplinarian, friend, patriarch, and though we’re not sure how he treated his wife, we can safely assume he treated her like a queen, by the way he treated Aunt Bea and his other “lady friends”.

There’s not many good, wholesome TV shows like these anymore. But all these TV Dads were pretty good examples of what a good dad should be.

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