Hate your job? Here’s what you can do to change that…

70% of Americans HATE their jobs. Hate is a strong word. It beats out “dislikes”, “doesn’t care for” and “lacks interest in”. But its true. Most people HATE the thing they spend most of their life doing. By that definition, most people completely fail to lead fulfilled lives. If you’re in this boat, you may have ways of rationalizing…. “well, I’m working towards something I love” (are you making progress?). “I love my social life”! (does it make up for your work life?). “My job is prestigious and I’m making money, both of which will allow me to pursue my passions later!” (What’s the benchmark? At what point will you actually start doing what you love?).

Karl Marx got a lot wrong — like his human-nature denying belief that resources could be shared in society regardless of merit.

But he also got some stuff right. Namely, that capitalism reduces us to an animal state. Think about it: Animals think about 2 things all day. Food and shelter. Humans are supposed to be contemplating art, writing poetry and philosophizing. But capitalism causes us to be predominantly motivated by money. Why do we need money? Food and shelter.

The flourishing of mankind is coming. Automation will reduce the need for low-level jobs. But that’s a ways off…

What can you do now to make sure that you’re unique talents as a human being don’t get wasted on an un-stimulating job.

Make enough money so that you don’t need one. That’s right, the only way out of capitalism is through it.

I am here to help you with that. Sign up for a free consultation and we’ll talk about your unique talents as an individual, the business or side hustle you’re best setup to execute and I’ll hold you accountable for actually doing it :).