Blastoise Inu (BLAST) ? Complete Guide Review About Blastoise Inu

Blastoise Inu (BLAST) ? Complete Guide Review About Blastoise Inu

Blastoise Inu (BLAST) the coolest Pokémon hybrid you will ever meet on the ETH network. As cute as a Shiba Inu and as powerful as the great , Inu is ready to lead the world of anime on ETH. Through utility development, hydro blast and an involved community the will mark ourselves in the crypto space as a force that cannot be neglected. The question is, will you be a part of this journey.

Coin BasicInformationCoin Name Blastoise Inu Short Name BLAST Fully Diluted Market Cap $1,027,000 Total Supply100,000,000,000,000,000Source CodeClick Here To View Source CodeExplorers Click Here To View Explorers Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter GroupWhitepaperClick Here To ViewSupport24/7Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

The Team Behind The Token

Blastoise Inu (BLAST) were just some fellow crypto-veterans, sitting around, having a couple of beers and of course talking about crypto. Their recent topic was Pokemon and thought about how they could connect this worldwide phenomenon with cryptocurrency their core team consist of 22 members around the world (originally from a trusted community called CryptoTrini group).

Blastoise Inu (BLAST) Made up of a solidity dev, expert graphic designer, game developer and of course some seasoned crypto veterans with extensive experience in marketing and connections in crypto world. know, too many cooks spoil the soup, but also believe if you want to go fast go alone; if you want to go far go together.

Blastoise Inu (BLAST) Hence with this dream team can capitalize each other skillset perfectly as everybody know their own strengths and specialized on their field. The pulled the best, most hardworking and active members from group to built this token with all the energy and effort. With its unique concept, awesome art and recent hype, believe that this token can become one of the big players on the ETH network.

Audit Scope & Methodology

Blastoise Inu (BLAST) The scope of this report is to audit the smart contract source code of Blastoise Inu. The source code can be viewed in its entirety on InterFi has scanned the contract and reviewed the project for common vulnerabilities, exploits, hacks, and back-doors. Below is the list of commonly known smart contract vulnerabilities, exploits, and hacks:

InterFi’s Echelon Audit Standard

Blastoise Inu (BLAST) The aim of InterFi’s “Echelon” standard is to analyze the smart contract and identify the vulnerabilities and the hacks in the smart contract. Mentioned are the steps used by ECHELON-1 to assess the smart contract:

Solidity smart contract source code reviewal:

Review of the specifications, sources, and instructions provided to InterFi to make sure they understand the size, scope, and functionality of the smart contract.

Manual review of code, which is the process of reading source code line-byline to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Automated 3P frameworks used to assess the smart contract vulnerabilities

v Slither
v Consensys MythX
v Consensys Surya
v Open Zeppelin Code Analyzer
v Solidity Code Complier

InterFi’s Risk Classification

Blastoise Inu (BLAST) Smart contracts are generally designed to manipulate and hold funds denominated in ETH/BNB. This makes them very tempting attack targets, as a successful attack may allow the attacker to directly steal funds from the contract. Below are the typical risk levels of a smart contract:


Blastoise Inu (BLAST) A contract is vulnerable if it has been flagged by a static analysis tool as such. As the will see later, this means that some contracts may be vulnerable because of a false-positive.


Blastoise Inu (BLAST) A contract is exploitable if it is vulnerable and the vulnerability could be exploited by an external attacker. For example, if the “vulnerability” flagged by a tool is in a function which requires to own the contract, it would be vulnerable but not exploitable.


Blastoise Inu (BLAST) A contract is exploited if it received a transaction on the main network which triggered one of its vulnerabilities. Therefore, a contract can be vulnerable or even exploitable without having been exploited.



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