What Is Bitg? (BITG) Complete Guide Review About Bitg.

What Is Bitg? (BITG) Complete Guide Review About Bitg.

Bitg dates its origins to 2017, launched as an academic exercise by a team distributed at US Universities and developers from Europe & Australia, backed by a nascent global community of mission-driven technologists and crypto enthusiasts. The initial mission was as simply worded as it was ambitious — to build a green alternative to Bitcoin — Bitcoin, just based on Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work. The team was inspired by the breakthrough potential of Blockchain technology, and the inherent values in the design of the Bitcoin protocol, yet were aware of the dire consequences global adoption of the protocol would have on the biosphere.

As reported by researchers in the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, If the network of computers currently mining Bitcoin were a country, they would rank as the 49th largest consumer of electricity. And while Bitcoin was far from the top energy offenders on Earth, why add undue burden on the environment, when an alternative path was possible.

Coin BasicInformationCoin NameBitg Short NamePINKCirculating Supply11,941,077.00 BITGTotal Supply11,941,077Source CodeClick Here To View Source CodeExplorersClick Here To View ExplorersTwitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter GroupWhitepaperClick Here To ViewSupport24/7Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


Mobile Impact Wallet

Bitg A mobile-first wallet where individuals discover opportunities for everyday impact and connect with partners to earn and spend rewards in . This is your personal wallet and gateway for impact. Discover partners, communities and opportunities that make a real difference. Or, create your own — and earn rewards in .

ESG and Impact Investment Platform

The first global market for impact investing, built natively with crypto, in order to reduce frictions, democratize access, and maximize funds to green project finance.

Blockchain- as-a-Service

The Bitg BAAS infrastructure supports the hashing, security and performance of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance data (ESG), built for companies to leverage their reporting into market activation.

Big problems, few change mechanisms.

Sustainability is simultaneously everyone’s problem and nobody’s problem. The lack of effective incentives for companies, individuals and elected representatives to take action leads many to turn a blind eye toward issues such as climate change and poverty.

BitGreen proposes something new.

Bitg Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency enable many things — notably native governance and targeted monetary policy. They crafting a crypto ecosystem to catalyze the change they wish to see in the world using market incentives, and make it frictionless, borderless, accessible, fair and distributed.

Decentralized FINANCE (DEFI)

How can normal people invest in projects that construct a better world? Before today, . They changing this by introducing the first liquid marketplace for impact project finance, so that investors big and small can add their economic weight to sustainability.


Approaching the BitGreen ecosystem with a mobile-first focus BitGreen aims to put its ecosystem at the fingertips of users globally. With a global shift in device adoption in favour of mobile — by its very nature a daily technology companion to many people — launching the BitGreen ecosystem as a Mobile Application has become the clear path forward. The intention is to present users with an impact dashboard that represents their overall positive social impact as a result of their participation in BitGreen initiatives, and actively present users with opportunities to maximise their impact.

The BitGreen Ecosystem

Bitg Money is of value only as long as people believe it so. This axiom is true for any token, physical or virtual, that is knighted by the collective belief of it’s worth. This perception of value is validated by the exhibited volume of a currency’s usage. In other words, if one observes that a certain currency is accepted in exchange for goods and services everywhere, they would assume that the currency is worth holding onto. The success of a currency depends on perceived value and velocity.

To achieve both, the BitGreen Foundation has laid out plans for creating an ecosystem of partnerships that would enable community members to both earn and spend BITG in a manner that generates positive impact and common good. This growing collection of impact actions, sustainable purchasing options, and donation opportunities, each with a loop mechanism that incentivizes further action, make up a ‘flywheel’ that propels volume of BITG exchange, user acquisition and loyalty, and a growing perception of value. The following section provides a detailed overview of the impact ecosystem and the partners who’ll comprise it.



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