Thanks for the response. I removed the word “literally” and added the word “effectively.”
Craig Kohtz

And what is wrong with that, exactly? Nobody is forced to take a job they don’t want. There are many things that employees are forced to do as part of a job. If the company as a whole decides on a rule (office behavior, healthcare, unions) then that’s that. I fail to understand the aversion to this.

There are two opponents here: those that despise unions as a rule and those that wish to be freeloaders on the many benefits that unions provide.

Let’s not pretend that the red states passing these “right-to-work” laws are doing it out of some idealistic libertarian views. These are hard right republicans trying to stomp out unions, completely. A world where companies control the most power is the ultimate goal. Unions are imperfect, yes, but they are a voice for people who otherwise don’t have one.

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