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You are late to work, çoz you were preparing for this big presentation you have. You do not want to drive to work as you want to do the last minute prep and want to use this commute time to do so. You open Uber App, you just enter your “where to” details, assuming you already have pinned your home location from a previous booking, and there just by spending couple minutes, you were able to solve such an important problem early in the morning. Doesn’t this make you feel a little confident and makes you feel at ease? If you have ever had this feeling, then, my friend, you have had a fantastic user experience.

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The feeling you encountered, that is called UX or User Experience!

According to the International Standard of ergonomics of human system interaction, user experience is defined as “a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service.”

Look, how easy it has now become for us to take a taxi, a taxi which is personalised, a taxi where you exactly know who is going to drive you, how good the driver is and the best, you don’t have to wait for ages for one of the taxis to stop for you and take you to your destiny, with Uber app, just book, know your driver even before he picks you up, and even better, you now know how long you will have to wait before you board your taxi. The cherry on the top is, you don’t have to go wait up at the street under that scorching heat, just wait at the luxury of your home and do the last couple minutes of make-up you are left with, as the taxi is on its way to pick you up from home!

Check out the strategies Uber uses: https://www.cleverism.com/strategies-uber-is-using-to-disrupt-the-taxi-industry/

Nielson and Norman, the gurus of Product Usability and Workable Technology, say that, to create an exemplary user experience one has to meet the exact needs of the customers without any fuss and then comes the simplicity and elegance of the product. They say it is important that the user knows the difference between user experience and user interface.

Interested in knowing more what the Gurus have to say? Read it here; https://www.nngroup.com/articles/definition-user-experience/.

In layman terms UX is the feeling of a user, in terms of the product’s usability, adaptability, desirability and value. It mostly deals with the psychology, emotions and behaviour of the end-user. Whereas UI is more of the performance and effectiveness of the product, which includes functionality, learnability, flexibility and industry design. Here’s a link to Canine UX https://www.nngroup.com/articles/dog-ux/, read it to get an in-depth knowledge, how UX and UI are different sides of the same coin.

Now that you have understood the difference between a UX and UI, let’s understand what role does the design of the product play. The design of a website or an app works only when it is pleasing to the eye, but do not forget no matter how pretty your site is, it won’t last unless it’s handy to understand and perform task without any fuss. According to the two Gurus — Nielson and Norman, Design thinking should have more of a user-centric approach to problem solving which can lead to innovation, and innovation, of course, leads to differentiation and has a competitive advantage.

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You must be thinking;” Why should I even be bothered about all of this, I am a start-up company, I will take care of UX, UI and other elements when I reach somewhere.” Think again, mate!

You have to invest on this thought since the beginning of your company and also be frugal about your investments, be it your service or product. A good blend of UI, product design and usability gives a fantastic head start to your company and creates a commendable user experience. To do so you need to bring your brains together and plan it wisely. There are three things that a new company should remember since its instigation;

  1. What innovation is my company bringing in the market?
  2. How will it add value and connect with my customers?
  3. And finally, and most importantly, how can I get this done within the budget?

These are the questions, that you should generally ask before you even begin a SaaS company. Answer this, why does someone want to start his own business? To be his own boss? May be to give his dream a physical look. But every Entrepreneur does look for financial success and stability. Hence, if you imbibe the art of being frugal since the origination of your business, failure will never touch you. And ask yourself, how will my business run successfully? Your inner voice will tell you; “Only if your users are happy and satisfied!”

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Curious? Thinking about how will you manage all this? How to embark your company into the minds of your users? A little worried that you have not really thought about your start-up this way?

Hail team WOP! No temas a mis Amigos — meaning “Fear not my Friends”!

We at WOP.COMPANY offers creating an extensive and effective UX for your dream product to move-up on the ladder of success! There is always a solution to your problems, and for your UX issues, WOP, helps you be the best. Tell us what you want and we will bestow you with the best! Let us help you make your users feel the same as the example I sited at the beginning. Not only will your users be enthralled with the look of the website, they will also have a gripping user experience, everything under one umbrella with WOP!

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Wop.company serves as a platform for the Entrepreneurs to help them succeed in transcending their business vision into physical existence. Lets Start-UP.

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