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Aug 13, 2018 · 4 min read
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Product Innovation

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. ~ Che Guevara

Revolution, how does revolution come into the picture? The answer is simple, when a great idea which changes the current form of living and has its effects, in the long run, that’s when the revolution happens. Just like, every day Earth does rotate on its axis and we experience a new day, but when Earth completes a full circle of the sun, what happens? Revolution, a new year is celebrated.

That’s exactly what happens to our start-ups. We start with a simple idea which might help us sustain everyday life, earn us good enough ROI and might also create a little brand value among a few. But if the same idea is revolutionised, it creates a wondrous product. The result of which is this…

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Digital Transformation

Didn’t get me? Here’s what I wanna say. Do you remember the days when we stood on the side of the road, stretched our hand out with our thumb striking up and we moving our hands up and down for a taxi to listen to our gestural plea and stop and be kind enough to take us to where we wanted to go? Alas, what used to happen was, these adorable and humble (being sarcastic, of course) taxi drivers, used to tease us and just pass us. Dang it, you effing driver!

I am sure you might have had one such incident. But now what? Now with the world of internet and technology, a revolutionary product was created that made our lives not only easy, but it feels luxurious. We don’t have to wait for the mercy of the drivers to stop for us anymore. Now drivers pick us up from our doorstep and drop us to our destination, while we get ready and exactly know how long will it take for the driver to reach us. Yes, you are right, I am talking about UBER!

Uber created a revolution. What exactly did Uber do? Well, it understood the need and the problem, and using a simple digital product — the Uber App — made taxi service available to all that too at our doorstep. Thus, creating a revolution! I am sure you all know that Uber doesn’t own a lot of the cars that run, it owns the application which makes cars available for its users, thereby minimising the effort of looking for one, and maximising the use through just a touch. That’s how Uber brought a revolution through its small yet powerful digital product. They did not just make taxi available, they also planned their product i.e. the app in such a way, that it maximised the app’s usability by making it super simple to understand and use. They had an overall idea and the technique, of how to provide a fast, a cost-effective and an addictive product and brought the same thing into execution.

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Ideation to Execution

This is exactly what we at WOP intend and offer to do for you. We are experts at the execution of the idea. Entrepreneurs like YOU, have the vision, With our partnership, we intend to bring your vision into reality. How do we do this? Good question! Here’s how.

As we are into the digital world, we have the expertise and the technique to make it happen for you. Our approach is pretty clear, by partnering with us, you will get a team that is ready with the market review, and probably we understand better as to how to make your vision come alive. With our cross-disciplinary intellectual models and the insight that we procure, we will bring perfect business strategies onto the table. This will make the requirement clear and with our plug-in model, we will be able to bring your vision into reality in no time. You will witness a recurring and rapid build, through our development plan, which will give you macro-level clarity as to in which stage has your execution reached. With us, you don’t just see your baby -vision- come alive, but you witness its growth in every stage.

We at WOP redefine IT and Digital Systems. We believe that inventions come through a Customer-Centric Market and that’s where we focus. Our designs and services revolve around customers.

Read about our take on perception and design here.

We believe in the whole package. And that’s what you will receive. We not only quench the need but we also quench the desire. What best can you expect, when both your need and desires are met? So, what are you waiting for? Plug-in to Execution mode with WOP. Our digital product and services will assist you to expand your business by providing a revolutionary experience, which will make your users come back for more and hence converting them into loyal customers and in turn increase your brand value, thus increasing your ROI. Wanna experience what transpires when this happens? Get WOP-Innovation Suite now.

Let’s Plug-in Execution Mode and Start Revolutionising!

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