Some facts about furniture.

How many facts do we know connected with furniture? Yes, it is comfortable, has millions of varieties and types, designs and colors. But do you know how everything appeared? With what all began? In this article, we’ll talk about some furniture facts that you might be interested in.

The time of appearance of furniture refers to the time when primitive communities moved to long-term residence in one place. The implementing of furniture established faster among those tribes that, due to climatic conditions, spend more time in enclosed spaces. An important role was played by materials from which it was created. The primary and most popular material was a tree. Every day the development of wood processing and the furniture industry has improved and the design of furniture has changed dramatically.

The development of furniture is directly related to the development of artistic culture and. The invention of furniture has become a kind of art, which included folk traditions and customs.

If you look at furniture separately in different areas, you can see a big difference:

· In ancient Greece, initially almost all the furniture was stony. And only in the heyday of science and culture, at the end of the fifth century, wooden ones appeared in ancient Greece.

· Beds as an element of furniture and decor were introduced in Russia in the early 17th century. Preparatory to the use of beds, people slept on stoves and benches.

· Some of the first mattresses, remotely resembling today’s, modern, filled with horsehair and algae. There was also a second type, it was filled with down and feathers, but it had higher price and therefore only rich people could afford it.

· “Drawer on the drawer on the drawer” (chest of drawers) — was invented in Charleston. This invention differed from others in its mobility, since it eliminated the need to take with itself the entire cabinet.

· One of the most expensive representatives of furniture is the chest of drawers Badminton, created in 1726 from ebony wood, with luxurious decorative inserts and sculptures made of wood. Its value at the auction reached $ 36 million.

· The next representative of the world of luxury, but only among the upholstered furniture, is the chair with the Dragon Eileen Gray — its value reached when selling $ 28 million.

· The high bar counter first showed itself to the light in the Wild West. The main purpose of the bar was not to become a piece of interior, but to protect the owner from bullets.

In 1911, inventor Thomas Edison introduced a type of budget concrete furniture, declaring that it could be as comfortable as wood, but also cheaper. But this type of headset has not gained popularity

· The first types of soft furniture appeared in the castles of wealthy European families during the period of classicism.

· Moving from old to new or more modernized, the project of Hanging Furniture was presented — the author of the project was the Dutch architect Janjaapom Ruijsssenar. The main principle of the work of such furniture is incredibly strong magnets, thanks to which furniture can withstand weight, reaching up to 900 kg.