Vintage as element of décor in modern design decisions

If you decide that your room should be in vintage style, then you should be patient. so that an image in vintage style justified itself, it will take a very long time to choose furniture and colors for the interior. Vintage items and furniture are of an unusual type and can not be found in a simple store.

The main distinguishing feature of the vintage style is its belonging to objects and furniture to the setting of the old times. When choosing such furniture it is very important to take into account that the appearance should correspond exactly to the style of vintage, or rather it should be visible time stamp or long operation in the form of cracks, scratches, shrapnel, and faded shades.

Vintage design is a very capricious topic, as it requires a special approach. This style does not use modern types of design, such as suspended or stretched ceilings, wall panels, laminate, stone or linoleum.

Old furniture

It is the neutral surfaces that serve as an excellent basis for the use of unusual, retro or antique furniture. For this, high cabinets with carved decor, patented dressers, wrought couches, shelves with openwork slits, coffee tables with a copper frame, massive wooden tables with cracks on the surface and elegant Viennese chairs with some paint peeling here and there may come up.

Tarnished colors and patterns

The interior of the vintage interior should create a special harmony due to restrained combinations of colors. In general, it is better to use light colors of fabrics, wallpaper, and wood. Colors should look dull, pale: shabby blue, light pink, vague yellow, beige gray.

The same applies to those drawings that will be used in upholstery, textiles, decorative objects and surfaces: if the inscriptions are almost no noticeable, the ornaments and patterns are soft, plain, almost pastel. For vintage style it is very appropriate to use in the interior rough surfaces, specially aged, as if showing their true nature. The tree should be used in design in its natural form, roughly processed with knots, cracks. Wooden furniture can be covered with a neutral paint in one layer so that the picture can be clearly seen.

Well, if the interior will be items made of copper, forged lamps with patina, antique ceramic dishes, silver, crystal. You should pay much attention to the mirrors: do not buy new ones, maybe you will have a copy with characteristic black spots on the amalgam, in a carved wooden frame covered with patina.The issue of decorative design in the vintage style requires awe and accuracy, but do not overdo with the number of objects. You can use the old cuckoo clock, set the floor or attach over the sofa concise mechanism in an unusual form of a black frame.

Use plants in the interior. Put a couple of vases with dry bouquets on the dresser and coffee table. Arrange a series of family photos of different generations, are sure, in the house there are yellowed black and white pictures.
Decorate retro — with posters advertising old movies, posters from the theater. Sofas can be covered with an openwork thick blanket, lay several different textured cushion pillows, and on the floor lay a carpet with geometric ornament on the type of those used to used to be hung on the wall.