Story about a handsome scientist that gets a new job and finds love. (Part 6)

“Welcome to the BMN family! I’m so honored to have you join our mission.” A tall brunette man was on stage, dressed in a casual but well-pressed Oxford shirt. “This is always my favorite thing to do each month, and I hope to keep you entertained for the next hour.” Polite chuckles reverberated through the auditorium. Casey was impressed by the man, who was the CEO of BMN. He had heard from his colleagues that he took the time to give onboarding seminars every single month despite his seniority, and always made every new employee feel special. “My name is Markus and I hope to showcase all we have to offer for YOU to succeed at your personal mission, whatever it may be.” The audience gleamed, but Casey’s heart felt sour. The words “BMN’s Commitment to Longevity” projected behind Markus. “Our commitment to the cause only works if I am committed to your success too.” This was followed by a riveting talk, where Markus covered the history of BMN’s beginning as a merger of leading research institutions at the time, to its landmark therapeutics that continue to generate hefty revenue for the company, to where it is now. The world’s largest anti-aging research corporation. Then Markus brought up several BMN scientists and asked them to briefly explain their latest discoveries, before giving each of them a big hug. “I know we are huge, but I want to personally make sure that you don’t feel like just a face in the crowd. I know you are now one to me!” More audience laughter. “I have already arranged each of you new employees to speak with me, one-on-one, so we can get to know each other better.” Casey saw the calendar pop up on his personal device, with a time slot for Markus in a few days. “I hope to be bringing you up on stage soon!” He scanned the crowd, and Casey felt his eyes locking with Markus’ for a brief second, before Markus scanned the rest of the room.

“Where’d you go?!” Lynn asked between chews, and snuck the rest of her sandwich into her drawer. “Oh and uh, do as I say, not as I do. No eating in lab!”

“Oh I had to go for my onboarding seminar…it wasn’t as boring as I thought these things might be” Casey settled his things on his desk, and put on his lab coat. “Did you do one when you started here?”

“Yeah, it’s mandatory for every new employee. Markus has been here since the very beginning. You’re probably having a one on one with him soon, right?”

“Yeah, I’m surprised he has time with so many people.”

“Well get prepared. He’s accessible but not THAT accessible. Think of some big questions you’d like to answer in the lab, and pick his brain about it. He still loves the bench stuff!”

“Hrmm. Ok. Let me run a few pilots and see how things go.” Casey sat down at his bench, and began setting up an experiment. “So that data you were showing me just now before the fire alarm went off…how did you do that? I mean, the set up, I get the general principles. Still not used to the new lab space yet.” Lynn jumped up from her stool and grabbed some gloves. “I gotta run to the next meeting soon, but let me show you around real quick…”

To be continued…