House Clearance

This piece was written after passing a sign for a house clearance sale. It inspired me to write a story about someone selling their belongings due to circumstance, rather than choice.

House Clearance

Kitchen table — oak, seats six, much loved

Patchwork quilt — soft as a baby’s arse, mother-in-law quality

James Bond picture — signed, Pierce Brosnan would have been better

Stair machine — four years old, fast settings, no charge for dust

One-seater chair — leather, dark brown, arm holds pint glass

Bedding — sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases; tears are free

Apple Mac — well travelled, used for pleasure; not business

Board games — most parts intact, sticky fingerprints faded

Brett Easton-Ellis collection — never read, spines look good on a bookcase

Hugo Boss suits — silk and wool, slashes can be mended

Picnic basket — one fork missing, laughter included

Lingerie — tags attached, most see-through, airport buys

Cufflinks — some say ‘Dad’, one says ‘Love’

Wine glasses — Waterford Crystal, vows renewed

Russian dolls — hand-painted, chipped from being thrown

Antique gas lamp — family heirloom, rosé glass, any offer accepted

Suitcase — Mad Men inspired, carries secrets

Photo frames — all colours and types, pictures discarded

Lladro figures — children and animals, anniversary gifts, hollow

Headboard — Mahogany, king-size, all notches are his

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