It’s been a long time since we posted for the last time, but here we are again!

We’ve working on Wordee, the big major improvement has been merging both versions (Free and Premium) into one light-weight app with subscriptions and a base Free version.

Also, we worked on other stuff, like better games, and a bunch of useful functions, like a list of dictionaries, more settings options, etc. And a big thing for us: design! Yes, we have improved design, now is cleaner and even more beautiful!

Let’s look at some screenshots…

More compact but easily-readable dictionary list.

If you ever saw our typical “header-banner” image for most of our ads, you saw that we say there’re over 7,097 languages in the world.

Our main banner.

Wow that’s a lot, I know, humans are amazing. But is that number correct?

Let’s see…

Where did we get the data from?

Simply put, we got the data from, which in turn, got their data from Ethnologue.

Some facts about languages

Languages are grouped by families (like Indo-European languages), and languages are constantly dying because of lack of use. In fact, as the article says 90% of the total number of languages are spoken by less than 100.000 people.

The thing is, China, India…

First of all, we must say Thanks! to all the people (and some pets) who helped us and encouraged us to build this app.

Wordee is an mobile application or “app” mainly developed in Spain. For now, it’s only available on Android, but we plan to launch an iOS version.

What is Wordee’s goal?

Simply put, help you learn a foreign language. That’s it.

The main purpose of Wordee is to help you classify and learn the new words you learn when you’re studying a foreign language.


We do this by giving you the freedom to create and organize your own customized dictionaries.


Wordee App

We love learning. Keep your knowledge organized! Keep yourself smart!

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