First of all, we must say Thanks! to all the people (and some pets) who helped us and encouraged us to build this app.

Wordee is an mobile application or “app” mainly developed in Spain. For now, it’s only available on Android, but we plan to launch an iOS version.

What is Wordee’s goal?

Simply put, help you learn a foreign language. That’s it.

The main purpose of Wordee is to help you classify and learn the new words you learn when you’re studying a foreign language.


We do this by giving you the freedom to create and organize your own customized dictionaries.

Plus you have access to rapid and agile games to help you retain those words.

Among the application main features you may find some interesting functionalities, like sharing words with others, integrated WordReference or enabling auto translation (Premium only) for all the words and expressions you save.

Of course, it allows you to Sign Up using your Google account and it works offline and across all your Android devices.

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This is what you see when you open the app.

Where did this idea come from?

It came from one of our team members, when he was an international student in the USA. He came up with the idea because of the constant flow of new words and expressions he tried to assimilate and retain when he was meeting new people and studying a new language, aside from his mother tongue.

You can download the app here. Visit us on, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Thank you for reading this *-*

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