If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Your article makes some interesting points, quite a few of which are problematic. A few general responses: (1) Most people living in Middle America are not farmers. Their professions run the gamut. Farms are part of Corporate America. Rural Americans generally don’t have a lever of power to pull to withhold food. (2) Many of Trump’s supporters are authoritarian-minded. This is one of the reasons they will blindly follow Trump. He has an authoritarian leadership style, and now that he’s actually holding the top office, he gains from authoritarians respecting the office itself. If the president is impeached following procedures that appear authoritarian and another figure of authority takes his place, most of his supporters will probably come to heel. (3) There are people in Middle America who have wanted Pence for president all along. If that’s what we end up with, many Americans might be pleased, and others appeased.

Impeachment would be further destabilizing, and beyond concerns of what might immediately follow in its wake lies the question of what happens in the long term. The alternate reality that many hardcore Trump supporters inhabit isn’t going to dissolve overnight. Putin may have compromised more people than we currently realize. It’s unclear how these issues get resolved and how we recover.

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