Get a cat, they said. It will be fun, they said.

A cat, making an impression of my cat’s surprised face.

The same day I moved out of my hometown, I adopted a baby cat. His name is Pirata. He’s pretty funny. He gets himself in trouble and makes the most hilarious facial expressions. He also meows funny, like if he’s constantly saying ‘Nooo’.

My cat has a best friend, Amêndoa. She’s such a girl… She meows for me only to then snub me of. She very vain, always cleaning her paws and stuff.

Today I discovered that one of my cats had threw up all over this 5000 pieces puzzle I was working on. A gift from my boyfriend. A beautiful puzzle, ruined.

I was mad. I went to look for the cats, only to find them peacefully sleeping next to each other in my bed, paws reaching out, slightly touching. Of course I went ‘Awww’ and momentarily forgot about my puzzle.

Cats could rule the world. I know no other creature capable of such destruction that can make you forget about it by simply purring. Cats are dangerous, men. They make you soft!

When you are a cat owner, your Heart is a piece of butter constantly melting. Because they are JUST. TOO. DARN. CUTE.

And the thing about being a cat owner is that we are permanently convinced that OUR cats are the best ones out there. They are the cutest. They are the smartest. They are the funniest.

So I had to throw my puzzle away — such a shame. But I was still to find the culprit, since I didn’t know who messed up. Became clear soon enough. While I was working on the computer Amêndoa came to me and started headbutting my hands, which she only does when she has messed up. Ah ah! Guilty kitty!

If you are a fan of constantly floating moods, get a cat. It’s an adventurous experience: you will experience anger, happiness, annoyance and surprise everyday — sometime more than once a day!

So no puzzle. But at least my cats are the cutest ever.

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