I adopted a Demon.

Not my hand, not my cat. My hand is way prettier and my cat’s paws are waaay cuter.

I mean, technically, my boyfriend did, but since we decided early on that both my cat (Pirata) and his cat (Amêndoa) would be socializing, she is kinda ‘mine’ too .

I use ‘mine’ in quotation marks because anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that they belong to no one. They can be affectionate towards their owners and all but they are very independent.

Since I had Pirata for about a year and a half when my boyfriend decided to adopt Amêndoa, I thought I was prepared to welcome another cat into my life.

Boy, was I wrong…

Pirata is a rescue cat. His mom was a stray that hangs out near the local fishing port. My best friend was trying to find homes for her latest litter and so I adopted Pirata. He was the smallest one of the litter and he was kind of in a bad shape, I had to nurse him back to health.

When my boyfriend decided he wanted to adopt a cat, I suggested he adopted a rescue too — so he got the tiny yellow and freckled Amêndoa, which was about one year old at the time.

I have always been involved in animal causes. I have volunteered at the local shelter for quite a few years. I know — or at least I thought I knew — my way around abandoned animals.

What I learned is that is quite a different thing when that little emotionally bruised creature becomes yours.

Don’t get me wrong — my heart aches for all of those who have yet to find a home, who are recovering from physical and emotional abuse.

But when you get one of those animals home and make it a part of your family you tend to think ‘Now I am gonna love this animal and everything will be fine’.

And sometimes it isn’t. It sure wasn’t with Amêndoa.

Amêndoa is suspicious of humans. She is also cuddly and craves attention and affection, but her natural loving nature is forever corrupted by the bastard who abused her and abandoned her.

She has been hit, I know it. She is scared by sudden movements. She runs away and hides at the sight of a broom.

She is scared to be abandoned once again. Sometimes I go away for the weekend and when I get back she lays next to me. Falls asleep on my hand. Purrs like crazy.

It took a while to gain her trust. At least for me it did. My boyfriend, she liked him from the get go. She chose him as an owner. We were walking around the shelter, getting ourselves acquainted with the cats for adoption when from one of the cages out comes a little paw that strikes my boyfriend on the shoulder.

But me… She scratched and bit me for quite sometime before deciding I was also a O.K. human.

She now likes to sleep on my lap when I sit on the couch. She likes to walk between my ankles when I am cooking. She likes to wait for me on the toilet while I shower. She likes to sit on the arm of my favorite armchair while I am reading or working.

She is now a happy, well adjusted and spoiled with love cat. And she has Pirata as an adventure companion, which has also became a happier cat since gaining a companion.

But deep down, I can tell that although Amêndoa knows I will never harm or abandon her, no amount of love will make her forget that somewhere along the road, someone did. And that’s just sad.

It has been an emotional but rewarding journey, turning my little yellow freckled demon into a friendly cat once again.

If you are considering of adopting an animal — cat, dog, doesn’t matter — don’t buy, adopt. There are many Amêndoas in this world and they all deserve a loving home.

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