On small victories

Yesterday, my first article for ‘Books Rock My World’ got published. Today, that same article surpassed the 100 ‘Likes’ mark on Facebook.

I am not one to toot my own horn but I actually feel pretty excited about this.

As someone who is (more often then not) hesitant about sharing her writing, submitting something to an audience of over 300 000 people is kind of a big deal for me.

I must say I very much enjoyed the creative and writing process for this first article, even with all the personal struggle it entailed:

  1. First I did my research. I got acquainted with the site and it’s themes and tone.
  2. Then, I narrowed down my list of possible topics and settled on personal growth/creative writing.
  3. The hardest part was choosing the books for the list, because over the years I have collected a lot of books (fiction and non-fiction) that fitted my theme perfectly.
  4. As soon as the themes and books were chosen, there was no reason for me not to start writing so I sat my ass down and forced myself to write a rough draft. After I managed to survive through that, of course I hated every word I had written — stupid snobbish inner critic.
  5. I headbutted with myself until I got to the final draft and finally submitted it.

I know my next articles will be better — I will make sure of it. The true test was getting through this first one. Getting it done. Reaching the finish line.

I said above that the hardest part was choosing the books and it really was. The writing process was a struggle, yes, but only because I made it so — I need to stop overthinking things so much and get out of my own way.

Since I managed to get through this without slapping myself dead, I am going to allow myself a small pat on the pack. Followed by a kick in the but, because the next deadline is just around the corner!