The bat cat *

There was once a very special cat called Lassie. Lassie was a black cat with large orange eyes, just like the ones you usually see hanging around witches’s cauldrons. Maybe that’s the reason why no nobody wanted her. That and the fact that Lassie insisted on acting like a… bat! Lassie would hang herself down by her back legs. Lassie would screech instead of meowing. Lassie would refuse cat food and treats and instead preferred to hunt for bugs and forage for fruit in the garden of the animal shelter she was living at. Lassie would jump far, wide and all over the place, to imitate a bat flapping it’s wings. One day, a girl called Jane came to the shelter with her parents — they had agreed she was old enough to have a dog. On her way there, Jane noticed Lassie sleeping in her cage, hanging by her back legs, just like bats do. Jane thought it was very funny and weird. And since she also thought herself to be funny and weird, she sensed they would make good friends for each other. So Jane asked her parents to take Lassie home. Lassie was very happy to finally have a family of her own, and one that accepted her just as she was! From that day on, Jane and Lassie were inseparable. Turns out Jane was a very good artist, and she even painted a corner in her room as a cave, just so Lassie would feel more at home. On Halloween, Jane had a surprise for Lassie: she made two pairs of bat wings and that year, they went trick or tricking together!

*Challenge 4/6, as described here.

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