It’s 2:53 am. You can easily guess what state of mind I must be in. But it’s much more than that of your thought. In an effortless manner I would say I miss you . But it’s more like tsunami wave in my eyes.
It’s 3 AM and my wallowing heart continues to shed tears. These tears are the sign that I cannot trust u with all my dependence 'cause eventually you'll break it. It feels like I am tiptoeing on my fractured toes and still smiling like it's doesn't bother . "BUT" it does, more than a lot, it's pounding.
Memories of holding my hand like you are never going leave it, impaired me like shredded clouds. I don't know how you miss the person you are supposed to hate. I guess we love them more just to unlove their hate.
©Mishash Green
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