Now Is the Time to Fix American Politics
War Is Boring

I’m of the belief that the Cold War destroyed the heart of Western civilization. Too many decades of open willingness to recognize no limits of violence including covert operations, mass-produced lies and ranging up to the extermination of all life on the planet, effectively made us nihilists who believe in nothing.

So much of our political culture can be traced back to the Cold War, especially the art of ruining the playing field when victory can’t be achieved, of denouncing the opposition as being against the nation, of tearing at the foundations of the nation itself — all these and more were done routinely acros the world for many years.

What should have happened after the Soviet Union collapsed was for the West to renounce all the nightmares carried out on the conflict’s behalf and, even better, mount a truth and reconciliation effort to clear the air and make sincere efforts at a fresh start, a return to decency.

Alas we just kept on going. Nothing had changed. Nothing has changed. And now everything just seems to be collapsing around our damn ears.

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