Earlier, we wrote about the potential threat posed to the world by the emerging class of freelancers, or precariat. One of the features of the precariat is the irregular work schedule and the need to be immersed in the digital world. We blend freelance work with leisure, hence the boundaries between leisure and work are blurring. Sociologists try to explain why we work so hard and have less leisure time.

As Guy Standing puts it, “The growth of labour, work-for-labour and work-for-reproduction also eats into ‘leisure’. The loss of respect for leisure, and for reproductive and productive ‘idleness’, is one…

Earlier, we wrote about the precariat as a new social class and some of the reasons for its emergence. Today we’ll take a closer look at the biggest group of the precariat and learn about Guy Standing’s insight into the state of modern education.

The precariat was born out of the liberalization of the global labor market in the late 1970s. …

The world is changing. One of the biggest challenges modern society is currently facing is that of the emergence of a new social class. Published in 2011, a book by the British economist Guy Standing describes a new laboring class, now in the process of formation, that he has called “the precariat” (from the English word ‘precarious’ — unstable, inconstant — combined with ‘proletariat’). This new class is quickly becoming a threat and a fundamentally new challenge for the whole modern world.

Who is the Precariat?

The precariat is a class of people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability…

How did the ancient Greeks perceive labor and work? What was the common attitude to work in Ancient Greece?

A French sociologist André Gorz wrote that work “was rather a criterion for exclusion in all pre-modern societies, those who performed it were considered inferior. They belonged to the realm of nature, not the human realm. They were slaves to necessity and therefore incapable of the high-mindedness and disinterestedness which would have rendered them capable of taking charge of the affairs of the city-state” (Gorz, Critique of economic reason).

Indeed, there is a popular notion that work was considered degrading in…

This article will introduce you to the process of building a remote business:

What is a remote business?
Benefits of going remote
Remote work challenges
Choosing a business entity
How does your remote business work?
Why you need business process management
How to automate processes in a remote business
Keys to creating and managing a remote team

If you have ever thought about starting your own business, you probably considered a remote work model. More and more companies are choosing a partially remote work or going fully remote for various reasons. According to the study conducted by FlexJobs and Global…

We didn’t expect this when offered a neural network some ideas for writing

AI in copywriting is no longer a fantastic idea but a commonplace. Yes, while you are reading this, artificial intelligence is writing its next novel.

Many publications across the world adapted AI-driven tools to their needs in serving a larger audience with quick and reliable news. The Washington Post has been using AI called Heliograf and in its first year, it wrote more than 800 articles covering political and sports topics. Heliograf came in handy in the 2016 Olympic Games when sports journalists could not cope with the news that appeared almost every minute. …

After a long search, you’ve made it to the interview stage and got a chance to be qualified for the job. Everything is going well, you are confident in your professional skills, have the appropriate experience, and perhaps, this is not your first interview. But still, you feel uncomfortable, and you can’t stop yourself from overthinking everything — the thought about the upcoming process makes chills run up and down your spine. Now it’s time to cope with the job interview nerves and nail it down.

Stress during an interview is a common thing, which is not surprising since we…

What would you think if someone suggested that you spend one day in the Old Stone Age? You would be more likely to decline the offer since many of us hold the view that hunter-gatherers spent all the time looking for food and had a tough life, fighting for survival.
There is a tendency to assume, that only in the New Stone Age, as people began domesticating plants and animals, the number of suffering from hunger dropped due to ability to produce surpluses of food. …

The rise of off-site work in a tertiary industry

One of the most significant changes that can occur in the information society is a shift in the way how people organize labour. Today many companies reorganize their workforce to enable employees to work remotely.

A man standing on a top of mountain and looking at the dawn
A man standing on a top of mountain and looking at the dawn

In the postindustrial economy, we witness a decrease in the number of people employed in agricultural and industrial production, and a simultaneous increase in the number of people working in the trade, banking, insurance, marketing and information technology. Since intellectual activities have become an economic asset, businesses discover new ways of the manufacturing process and provide information services.

As a result, the modern workforce doesn’t…

Work from home: media publications and digital magazines that hire remote writers

Are you a writer seeking a freelance gig or a full-time remote job? Do you love to work in a flexible schedule and prefer to be autonomous? If so, you’re not alone.

According to Buffer’s State of Remote Work report, 99% of respondents would like to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers. Working from home has become a norm, and more companies remould their workplaces, adjusting to a new reality. Employees that have an option to work from anywhere show better performance and are likely to be more satisfied with their jobs.


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