How to keep your WordPress password safe & sound?

Today thousands of people shifting to WordPress because it allows them to create easy to build sites. Well, there’s one reason because of which users hesitate to use WordPress and i.e. password management. To log into your WP-based site you will be needing a dedicated password manager which will be maintaining all your account passwords. In this article, you will read about how to handle your password and various options that will help you in this process.

WordPress Password Management

There are two aspects that will assist you in managing your password. One is creating a strong password and the second is to safely store them. Both aspects play a vital role in protecting your site from hackers. You can also hire Wordpress developer who will get things done for you. Take help of the internet to locate the best developer for your project.

Creating Strong Password

Right from the creation of your hosting account, ensure that you come up with a complex password for all your logins. If you are not able to chalk out a good password, then you can take help of the online generator tools which will create one for you. You can Google up the password building tools and choose the right one that meets your requirements. It will be good if you come with a complex and lengthy password which is tough to crack.

Securely Storing Your Passwords

Most of the users figure out passwords on the go and it is quite difficult to remember all the codes. Here are some simple techniques that will help you keep all your passwords safe.

1. Write Down on a Notebook

Simple things always look better than the complicated ones. Writing down the password on a notebook or diary is one such simple thing. But it will only work if you keep that notebook safely. But the problem here is may need to carry your notebook with you all the times. Plus you have to restrict its access to yourself only.

2. Storing it in a Password Protected File

This is similar to maintaining a notebook but in a digital form. Nowadays, you can store the files safely on cloud servers such as iCloud, Dropbox or OneDrive. The best thing about these cloud storage facilities is that you can access them anywhere you want. This serves as an easy method which will work for you as long as you are ready to copy/paste the credentials every time from the file to your login screen.

3. Using Browser’s Password Management Option

The web browsers such as Apple Safari will auto-suggest strong passwords and store it on their cloud servers. This is a good option if you are using Mac as the primary operating system for accessing the web. Otherwise, Google Chrome stores that password securely on the browser and retrieve it automatically when required.

Summing Up

To safeguard your WordPress based site from hack attempts and spams you need to come up with a strong & complex password that will surely keep your data safe.

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