How to stop WP from creating images sizes?

By default, the WordPress generates three different sizes of the each image that you upload to your blog or website. Apart from that, themes and plugins can also generate additional images sizes which can go up to 5–10 copies per image. If your site has a good amount of image-based content, then after a while it will increase your storage needs and also the size of your backup files. In this article, you will read how you can prevent WP from generating image sizes.

Why and When You Need to stop WP From Generating Image Sizes

The first thing you should bear in mind that the default image sizes are not at all harmful for your WP based site. Most of the WP hosting providers offers a generous storage space which is enough to store thousands of images. You can also hire a Wordpress developer who will assist you in this matter. The additional image sizes are created and stored during the upload process, so they do not affect the website visitors. In case, you are facing trouble in handling the images or post thumbnails, then you can take help of this article in solving these common issues.

If your site has thousands of pictures, then WP will undoubtedly make several copies of these images that could make the backup size of your site enormous. Moreover, it will also become time-consuming for the backup plugin to prepare & store your site’s data.

Stopping WordPress From Generating Image Copies in Different Sizes

Before you prevent WP from generating image copies you need to understand how many images are created by the WordPress. By default, WP makes three sizes: Thumbnail, Medium and Large. Besides this, your theme will also have its image sizes for the featured pictures. To check out the number of copies created by WP, you need to connect your website using an FTP client. You can also take help of a Wordpress web development company that will efficiently take care of your WP based site.

To upload an image to your site, you have to visit the WordPress admin area. Next thing you have to do is to connect your site using an FTP client, or you can use cPanel File Manager plugin. Now go to /wp-content/uploads/directory. The image file uploaded by the users is stored in the year and month based directory. Once you click on the image list, you will come across all the images generated by WordPress.

To stop WP from generating default images you have to visit WordPress Admin Area-> Settings-> Media. There you will see the predefined image sizes. You need to set these size to zero which will restrict WP from creating default image size when you will upload a new image.


If you are running a photography site, then this step will help you saving lots of storage space. It will be good that you take help of an experienced developer who will assist you in setting up an efficient portal your visitors.