Top 5 Import Plugins For WordPress Site Data and Content Migration

You may have published several blogs on your site, or added a plethora of images, categories and much more; and now want all your data and content to be migrated to another website. Fortunately, there are several WordPress Import plugins that allows to import your content easily.

Migrating any data or content of your site can be quite challenging and you may have to face lot of technical issues and errors. However, WordPress import plugins can provide you assistance in moving everything from your site with ease. Here’s a list of top 5 import plugins that you must be aware of:

WP Advanced Importer Plugin:

Rather than seeking a professional for WordPress migration service, wouldn’t it be better if you could carry out the migration on your own? In that case, you can use the WP Advanced Importer plugin which helps in managing your images during migration. It’s ideal to be used for exporting xml. The best part about using this plugin is that even though the entire task of mapping the data is carried out by WP Advanced Importer, yet it provide users with full control to view and modify any fields.

While importing your WordPress files you may encounter certain issues like broken images, returns blank page etc. However, this plugin holds capability to resolve such issues. It is compatible to WordPress 3.8 version or higher.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin:

This advanced CSV Importer plugin comes with user-friendly features. It enable users to import/export website posts, pages, categories, comments, and other settings in just a few clicks. Using WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin even a novice programmer can easily import any csv file. This is a free plugin and helps to perform bulk edits, and allows to import and export post types for your site or blog.

This plugin is compatible with WordPress version 3.8. It provide support for All-in-one-SEO, Multisite and Buddypress WP plugins. It even allows to import eshop products. Often when migrating a site, some duplicate content gets added to the site. Thanks to WP Ultimate CSV Importer, you can even check whether any duplicate content is present in the site or not.

Blogger Importer:

Do you want to import all your data from a non-WordPress site such as Blogger, to a WP powered site? Then, Blogger Importer plugin is the right solution for you. It helps to import all categories, content, comments, posts from your BlogSpot account and publish the data that you import on the new WordPress site. Blogger Importer does not imports pages, images, widgets etc. The plugin supports 9 languages.

The plugin installation is easy. All you need to do is visit WordPress Tools->Import screen and click on “Import” and then on “Blogger”. Next, install and activate this plugin. Once it’s being installed, authorize it do get the job done.

Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress:

WP All Import is a great plugin that let users to import any XML or CSV files without much pain. It comes with a 4 simple to follow import process. Other than that, it boasts a remarkable interface and drag and drop facility that helps to import all settings effortlessly. What’s more, This plugin can be used for moving content to a CMS, or a WP powered site or an e-commerce store.

For optimized use of the plugin, you can expand this plugin to a paid WP All Import Pro version. This premium version comes with remarkably useful extended features. For instance, the Pro version conducts periodic check on files; download as well as import files from any external website.

WordPress Importer

This plugin let users import all of their WordPress website posts, pages, categories, and other important settings without much hassle. Apart from this, it also allows to imports custom field, author profiles, post-meta, etc. It supports over 17 different languages. It is easy to install, and has filters that enable users to import only the selected content.

A word of caution, in case you need to import data in bulk, make sure to consult your web host.

Want to move your WordPress website data and content to another site effortlessly? Then you can choose any of the aforementioned plugins to fulfill your needs. And you can even choose to create your own custom plugin by opting for WordPress plugin development services of a recognized web development firm.