Top 5 Marketing Automation Plugins For WordPress Development

It is not possible to manually customize the content of your WordPress website and manage your marketing channels. However, by using the suitable marketing automation plugins, you can always test what is best for your WordPress site. This way, you are always on the right track to take the website on the top and secure the position. You can use it to cater a personalized user experience on your website.

Thankfully, the robust WordPress plugin development always features top-of-the-line solutions in the form of easy to use plugins. Below mentioned are the 5 premium WordPress automation plugins. These enable a site owner to personalize the web content and keep a track of the marketing data.

1. Recommendation Engine

When it comes to personalizing the web content, product recommendations is one of the best methods. By providing the audience with relevant products to the ones they are already buying, an E-Commerce store can boost sales easily. The plugin displays all the recommended products to the customers on their devices, motivating them to buy more.

If you are using WordPress web development to power your E-Commerce store, the plugin is a must have for you. Being an online retailer, you can recommend products to your customers based on their purchasing history and similar preferences.

2. Title Experiments Free

Most of your readers decide whether to read your blog post or not by just looking at the title of the blog. The title lets the readers get a clear picture about the content of the blog. Simply, titles are important.

However, when it comes to creating bang-on titles for posts, is not feasible to merely rely on the instincts. Rather, testing various titles and selecting the higher effective title is a better way.

The Title Experiments plugin does the same. It tests the various titles and tracks the ones that get maximum hits. All you need to do is install the Title Experiments WordPress plugin and create a number of titles for your blog posts. The plugin will automatically keep the best title from the list.

3. WooCommerce Customer History

We have already discussed that recommending products to your customers is an effective way to increase the conversion rate of the website. Along with the recommendation of services and products, you will have to keep a track on the purchase behavior of your customers.

If you are running a WooCommerce store, you can install this plugin to see which products and pages the customers visit the most. This will give you an in-depth insights about what your customers generally look for as well as calculate the lifetime value of the customers.

4. Smart Reporter

KPI, or Key Performance Indicator is crucial for your online business. It gives a clear vision to you about what would be good for business and what not. For instance, if you realize that the rate of shopping cart abandonment is rising on your store, you need to take relevant measures to drop it.

Smart Reporter enables you to calculate the KPI value of your online store. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce as well as WP E-Commerce stores. Some of the KPIs which features in this plugin are: average order value, E-cart abandonment rate, conversion rate and much more.

5. ORBTR Ping

ORBTR is a marketing automation plugin that lets you track the behavior of the leads to realize when they would return to your site. This robust plugin is available for free and easy to install. Some of the powerful features include:

  • Gravity Forms Integration
  • Jetpack
  • WP Comments
  • Daily summary emails