What is so special about WordPress CMS system?

Within just a few years, WordPress has been able to gain millions of users across the globe. WordPress is a highly acclaimed content management system which is capable of supporting all sorts of sites. At present, there are approx 40 million sites based on the WordPress CMS software are live on the internet.

Due to rising popularity of WP development services, you can quickly locate a skilled and experienced Wordpress developer who can accomplish any sort of development project. There are roughly 46000 plugins in the WordPress Directory. Moreover, the WP powered portal can be translated into 70 different languages and that too without installing any plugin. The open-source feature of WP made it more popular especially among those who had limited budget for web development.

What Makes WordPress So Popular?

WordPress- one of the most popular content management systems which have quickly widened the horizons for all the technically affluent people. Launched in the year 2003, WordPress used to be a blogging tool but with time and technological advancements, it transformed itself into CMS software. Here are some characteristics of WordPress that makes it stand apart in the technical crowd.

1. It can be operated by everyone:

Well, you don’t have to be technical sound to operate WordPress. This CMS software is designed in such a manner that both geeks and non-geeks can lay their hands on this tool to successfully accomplish their web development process. With the help of plugins, users can quickly add any usage or functionality. Its simplicity is the primary reason behind the humungous popularity of the WordPress. The users can make any desired change in their site that too without digging deep into the coding language.

2. Cost Effective:

The wide availability of themes brings down the costs of development. With the help of these themes, you don’t have to build a site from scratch, just deploy any suitable theme and half of the customization work will be done. All you need to do is to just pick things up and put them in the right place.

3. Many Plugins:

WordPress offers the countless number of plugins. Users can either opt for pre-made plugins or can get them developed by an expert. With the help of these plugins, the user can add any customer functionality on their site. From SEO to blocking spam, these plugins can do anything. If you wish to enhance the usability and scalability of WordPress based site then these plugins will surely come in handy.

4. Tailor-made:

If you have a good budget for web development then you can opt for custom made sites. These portals are designed according to one’s convenience and requirement, all you need to do is to share your details with the developer and you can come up with whatever site you like. If you wish to stand out then it will be good you opt for customized web designs.


WordPress is based on the open-source tech because of which it is quite easy to tinker and update. Just make sure you hire an expert for your web development project.

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