Installing Wordpress hosting their own pens

Thus, the citizens and visitors, if you’re reading these lines, it means it is time to get down to business.

Follow the instructions below to install Wordpress hosting brought you joy.

1. First, you can experiment with free hosting. Create your own site and the main folder public_html, which is hosting fill downloaded from the official website and unzip the distribution on your computer (see the steps below).

2. Create a computer, a new folder, call it whatever you like, for example, Wordpress.

3. In this folder from the official site, download the latest version Russified Wordpress. It also unpack the archive. As a result, your folder contains a folder wordpress, inside of which are 3 folders and many files.

4. Three folders and files place to start on a free hosting (link above in the first paragraph) in the folder public_html. In paid hosting the root directory of the site (place setting CMS) can be public_html, www, or
folder with your domain name or account.

5. Open the Control Panel website cpanel or another panel. Create a MySQL database.

! On the free hosting control panel site has a slightly different look, but its functionality is similar to that paid.

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