The End of the Reigns Reign

***Heads up, I haven’t watched a full episode of Raw since the Edge/Cena rivalry. So please remember this is all my made up opinion***

Here is your winner and new number one contender for a title we just made up because we didn’t have a title…. Finn Balor!… and not the roided out Roman Reigns.

Finn Balor, the rookie from NXT who was drafted to Raw last week was able to win the fatal 4way and then upset Roman Reigns to become the new number one contender to face Seth Rollins (the number two contender I guess? No one is the champion, because like I said, they kind of just made up the title on the spot).

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So now instead of more Ex-Shield drama, we have new guy vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Galactic Empire Belt of a Thousand Souls (or whatever they called it).

With this defeat, Roman Reigns will go back to his role in the upcoming Justice League movie as Jason Momoa’s stunt double. He will likely fade away until they need a shield reunion in like 8 months.

In the mean time expect Finn Balor to win. Expect him and Rollins to develop some kind of rivalry and watch Mick Foley be a guest referee for one of those matches and give the title back to Rollins.

This has been my attempt at writing about the WWE. Thanks to USA Network for letting them be on the air for 3 hours and feeding us all this wonderful drama. Thanks to the McMahon family. Thanks to Jason Momoa for lending us his stunt double for all of these years. I think that’s it…

Oh, and Brock Lesnar will punch someone he’s not supposed to.

The End.